Friday, April 12, 2013


A year ago our lives changed forever.  Khloe became a sister.  We became a complete family.  We met you, sweet angel.  How lucky are we?  Every single day, we are grateful for you and your kind demenour.  Overflowing with love for you, sweet Baby D.  Happy Birthday.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

11 months

Welp, she turns one tomorrow, so I suppose it is time for her 11 month photo.  In her 12th month, she gained one more chomper, making it a total of 5.  She realized the fun one can have right after bath, naked, bouncin' on her sister's bed.  She had her first piece of candy (jelly bean) and weird...she loved it.  She will stand for minutes on end in the middle of a room, eating out of both hands, but will not take that step.  She cracks up, all the time...especially when sissy is already in bed and she strats playing the game of drop-the-pillow-and-make-Daddy-pick-it-up.  The light of our lives, Little Miss D (well, one of two lights).  Lila Loopsy. One year tomorrow.  Too soon.

10 months

Lovin every moment with Sissy and REALLY loving stuffed animals.  Got 2 more teeth, making it 4.  Trying a bunch of new foods. So happy.

Friday, February 8, 2013

9 months

My name is Baby D aka Da-why-wa (that's how sis says it). I'm 9 months. I like Briar Rose...big time. I stand up if I have one finger on anything. I say mama and dada. I am allergic to dairy. I seriously love chicken nuggets. And my hair is long enough for a bow. Big things people, big things.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

8 months

So, Baby D is now 8 months.  Time passes much more quickly with the 2nd child.  I try to capture moments and film videos as often as possible, but you just don't have as much time with baby #2.  These monthly photo sessions are one thing I make time for. 
Our Delilah Grace is cross-crawling like a champ!  This lil' sucker is FAST!  She pulls herself up on everything and hauls butt in her walker!  I have a feeling next month's update will have some news about walking. ;)  She loves her sophie (giraffe shown in every photo), her lion rattle and Briar Rose (very small, bendy doll.)
She can utter a "mama" when she is sobbing and crawling towards me.  It is the saddest thing you ever did see.  But, sometimes my hands are soaking in dish water or putting a band aid on Khloe, or tending to the dog (who recently ripped out his dew claw)... and I just can't get to her fast enough. 
She spends the majority of her day playing with sissy in the play room.  And she is great at entertaining herself with toys.  The kid doesn't eat much baby food, but we try.  Its little toddler snacks (like cheese puffs) and breast milk for now. 
Lastly, D is a mamma's girl.  Big time.  Few, very few, people can hold her for very short periods of time before she is reaching for me and squirming out of their arms.  I am imprisoned by this baby.  But, I wouldn't have it any other way
Love you D.  Happy 8 month Day.

Breakfast with Santa

We had Breakfast with Santa at LOP in early December.  We went with the Rutherfords.  It was PACKED!!!  Got a pretty good photo eventhough Khloe didn't want to sit next to santa :)
And, we've been dressing our smallest elf in Christmas garb ever since December 1st! 

First Day of School

Oh boy.  Water works.  The week after Thanksgiving, Khloe started school.  Our little Khloe Bug, marched off to her classroom, and didn't even think twice about me leaving.  I stayed for the first hour, then told her, "I have to leave now" and she just said, "okay Mommy, I love you." And then I sat in the parking lot for the rest of the time.  I cried when I saw her sit down and share playdough with a kid next to her.  She has grown into a kind, fun, sweet little girl.  I am so proud of her.  She is growing by leaps and bounds with each new day.  She is so smart.  Here is her on the first day of school. xoxo